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Top 6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas

You may want to step out into your front/backyard in the splendid evening weather in the summers, but to make the most of that weather it is important to be able to observe the beauty around you and appreciate it. These outdoor lighting ideas will make your house appear more welcoming than ever.

  1. Fancy Lanterns

With lanterns, you have the option of moving them around and changing the bulb inside them with whatever color you like. They also stay protected in dangerous weathers because they are secured from the top. In addition, you can decorate the lantern in any way you want by using bulbs or candles, because they are both very cost effective.

  1. Strings

Lights on strings are perhaps very old in terms of the originality of the idea, but they still work really well because of how inexpensive the idea is. As far as outdoor lighting is concerned, string lighting is very flexible because it can be used to form different designs according to your liking.

  1. Dramatic Uplighting

This is a type of lighting that works best in gardens and around nature. Adding small, bright LED lights under each tree you have in your backyard or right outside your house can add a very prestigious and enchanting look outside your house.

  1. Lighting Orbs

The word ‘orb’ has a very fairy-like aura attached to it, and that is exactly the kind of outlook it will give your house. The best part about this way of decoration today is that the orbs come in very creative different shapes, and they can be uplifted from the ground or hung from the ceiling, depending on the kind of outdoor lighting you want. It can, however, be a relatively more expensive way of decorating.

  1. Staircase Lighting

Is it not epic to work on your backlit keyboard in the dark? That is exactly how hidden strips of white colored lights look like on stairs outside the house, so if you have the budget and a staircase accompanying your house from the outside, this is one of the most creative outdoor lighting ideas. It goes best with wooden staircases.

  1. Lit Plants

If you are into both being surrounded by nature and welcoming lights, you can get them in the form of pots which are lit from the outside. These are excellent, multipurpose pots which can make set your house apart, but might be a little heavy on your pocket.


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