Calex Bulbs 402452 B22

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Calex GLS-lamp 24/28V 60W B22 clear, Bulbs, LED lights, Calex, 402452, Bulbs, LED lights, Calex

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Calex GLS-lamp 24/28V 60W B22 clear, Bulbs, LED lights, Calex, 402452, Bulbs, LED lights, Calex

It seems so simple. If you need light, you turn it on. But there is more to it than that. After all, how long can you stay focused while working under intimate lighting. And how relaxed can you get under fluorescent lighting. Calex understands how light works and is happy to help you with your choice.

Calex is a creative brand with lighting solutions for everyone. Whether you are looking for decorative lighting to decorate your home or looking to replace your current light plan. We can help! Our passion for lighting and ambiance. And the drive to remain innovative in that area, dates back to 1970. Since then, we try to make house interiors – yours too – more impressive, smarter and more pleasant every day.

At Lights of Lichfield we have a huge range of lighting accessories to help complement the light fittings available. Products such as crystal glass chandelier cleaner and the latest in LED bulbs with a high level of light output at a very low energy cost. Well make sure that whatever your needs well always do our best to help you find what your looking for.
Lights of Lichfield believe that simply lighting an area isn’t enough, its about making a statement, choosing a style that looks interesting and helps create the right level of light to suit the individual needs of your home.
There are plenty of places to get cheap bulbs on the internet but what about the quality, what about when something goes wrong and it needs replacing. here at Lights of Lichfield we know that at some point were going to get it wrong. A bulb might arrive incorrect or damaged. However unlike other internet sellers you wont have to send us an email and wait 5 days for a reply, just call us up and well get it sorted for you as quickly possibly. Sometime its worth paying a little extra for a quality bulbs that you know will come with amazing hassle free service.

Heres a good article on the different types of bulbs that you might find useful.

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